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/Several tools used in the Russian Railways (RZD) JSC road show presentation

Several tools used in the Russian Railways (RZD) JSC road show presentation

We would like to tell about the tools of persuasive visual communication used in Russian Railways (RZD)JSC road show presentation

Tell the main point at once.

In the first 45 seconds attention of your audience is at its maximum. Particular in these seconds they should hear the most important issues. And at the same time that issues should intrigue them to see the presentation till  the end.  Do not forget to announce the aim of the presentation here.

A map is necessary when you have to show something that is distributed geographically. In the case of Russian Railways (RZD), the railway map is the essence of the companys activities. This idea is emphasized by the header: Uniting Russian Territories.
A header should give the idea proved by the picture rather than simply the picture title. This simple rule is extraordinarily efficient. RZD has the third amount of railroad transportation in the world; but anywhere abroad, the market is shared among several companies, while in this country, there is only one company. Hence, RZD is the worlds largest railway company. That is how we entitle this slide.
Now you can add some intrigue. We talk about the share of railway traffic in different countries. There is no sense in comparing countries using column diagrams. What we need is a pie diagram. First, show the share of railways in Europe, than in the US, and finally, in Russia. The pun comes in handy: US Railways and European Railways only define a region and a type of transport, and Russian Railways is also a name of a company.
Another example that of an animation that works. No sooner had we associated the whole pie with the freight transportation market when it became a column (it is just that now we are offered a slightly more side view of the diagram) indicating the market growth in years. A virtually seamless, smooth and logical transition from one slide to another.
Sooner or later, however, the moment comes when a slide remains at the screen for a long time (i.e. more than 20 sec.). The off-screen voice makes the audience sleepy. In this case, the slide can use some animation: the perspective changes very slowly, but noticeably. The impression of a live slide keeps attention focused on it.
This slide illustrate the simplicity of property structure. You probably can imagine how branchy such diagrams can be, what with bunches of offshore companies, boxes marked Private Persons, etc. And you must draw them all investors want to know. A deliberate simplicity of this slide emphasize the main point. Investors accustomed to shareholder trees see this primitive slide and cannot help smiling. Which is good.
This slide is a quotation from the Income Statement, which draws attention to the income structure. When people speaking of income only draw a pie it may look a bit superficial; when they only produce a table it is not visual enough. We combine the two making the animation strictly corresponding to the text.

Let us go over the main tricks we used once more:

  • The main issues  to the beginning;
  • The slide thesis  to the header;
  • Animation is not an amusement, but a method of  explanation;  
  • Animation is also a way to attract attention and keep it focused;
  • Transformation of one slide into another allows not to lose the logic of the visual tale.
  • If something is simple, draw it even simpler.
  • Rule of 5 by 5: up to five sentences per slide, up to five words each (3 times 1 is even better)

And the last principle, easy to tell but difficult to implement: Visual attractiveness and emotionality.  A high-quality implementation is a key to attention and understanding, sign of respect towards the audience, and a pledge of nice impressions of viewing.

See examples:
Intro: (AVI  4,9 Mb), (RAR  4,7 Mb)
Description: (AVI  4,0 Mb), (RAR  3,7 Mb)
Industry: (AVI  5,1 Mb), (RAR  4,8 Mb)
Reform: (AVI  4,4 Mb), (RAR  4,2 Mb)


Andrey Skvortsov
CEO, Mercator group

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