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/Business Presentation for IPO and Other Distributions of Securities

Business Presentation for IPO and Other Distributions of Securities

We already have on the credit side several Road Show presentations for large Russian companies. We are going to share the experience of their creation.

When do you need a presentation?

To a certain extent, a presentation is just an advertisement. But it has some very peculiar properties. It is aimed at a relatively narrow circle of experts (typically, several tens of persons) with a healthy cynicism and conservatism, and, originally, no sympathy to your business or your papers.

What they care about is the profit not the profit per se, but its comparison with market values. Your companys reliability is also perceived from the financial point if view: it defines the discount your papers get. Everyone knows that first impressions are most lasting, hence a high-quality presentation lowers the distribution discount. Which means, it brings you money. Later on, we will discuss what is the high quality.



A good presentation fulfills the following tasks:

  • Explains your basic theses and plants them to your investors brains. Makes them certain that you are reliable and profitable, your business stable, and your debts small as compared with assets and profits.
  • Shapes the image of your business, makes an impression, builds up your brand. It is a very important point, though often underestimated, especially at IPO. The brand price (and the expectation value), basically, is the difference between the nominal price and the distribution value, and it is where the presentation becomes a first-rate factor. That is precisely why investments in presentations are repaid in manifold (the ROI value can be as high as 1000%, see ROI of Presentations).
  • Can be kept as a souvenir. Each person leaving the Road Show carries a folder with docs and a DVD. And whatever can be touched and taken away is almost perceived as ones own.

Who is involved in preparation ?

  • An investment bank, a consulting company.
    They produce a company report, analyze the figures. Frankly, working with them is a pleasure: we share a common language, common values, common points of view. We can see their arguments, just as they can see ours.
  •  The company producing the presentation. In this case, it means us. Our projects are supervised by experts in persuasive communication and analysts with business degrees. They have to select the most important, needed and, what is very essential, interesting parts of the investing consultants report. Interest is the key factor of success. They prepare the essence of the presentation before passing it to designers and animators. A designer and a team of digital graphics experts select visual images and implement them. The analyst controls the correspondence of the visual solution to business goals, while the designer sees to it that it fitted the corporate image and provoked positive emotions.  Design is another key to success. A manager takes care of process co-ordination.
  • The Customer represented by the CFO carries out the process monitoring and strategic direction. 


What does a presentation consist of?


We shall give an example of a standard Road Show presentation plan.


1. Start.

A striking Intro (5 to 7 sec. long) produces an immediate effect of silence and attention.

Then we introduce the company in two or three slides and throw out all interesting information at once. It is an important principle of persuasive communication and dramaturgy. We dont need lengthy introductions let us begin with what is most important. What is our business, how big is market share,  sales and profits,  competitive advantages. At once. 

2. Industry survey.

The volume of the market where the company works, market dynamics, competition (here we repeat what we said about our market share once more!). Typically, it takes 5 to 7 slides.

3. Company description. 

Property structure, main assets, where and how we earn money (income structure), who are our clients, main expenditures, business efficiency, other important features. This part makes the main stage of our work. The investment consultants report contains almost all of the data, including the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet. For instance, to show that fuel plays an insignificant part in the expenditure structure hence, the business does not depend on oil prices Or that the client base is such that leaving even of the largest client can only decrease the income by 4%. Repeat the main competitive advantages once more. It all should take 7 to 8 slides.


4.      Project description.

It is very specific and cannot be generalized. But most common are "Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats".  3-5  slides


5.      Financial.

Similar to Section 3, but with rather rigid a structure. Show main fragments of the Income Statement, emphasize the most significant figures. Make the same with the Balance Sheet. Provide the main financial statistics: EBITDA/interest and debt/EBITDA.  5 to 6 slides.


6.      Investment policy and control.

What the invested money will be spent for, and why it is right; once again about the security guarantees and the company stability now, from the point of view of internal risks.  2 to 3 slides.


7.      The paper.

Tell about the distributed security. Typically, one slide is enough.


8.      Conclusion. 

Often consists of several words by the companys top person on what he or she wants to achieve, plans and strategies. 1 slide, 10 to 20 sec.


In total, the presentation takes up to 15 minutes.


How does it happen?

There are two variants. 

  1. Presentational graphics is used to accompany a humans talk (a DVD player or a laptop is connected to a plasma screen; the speaker controls the displaying using pauses and menu items).
  2. Presentational graphics dubbed by a voiceover (off screen) and the companys top persons (on screen) is displayed before personal presentations. In this case, the clip length should not exceed 10 minutes; it should be similar to an informational business clip rather than a presentation.

The two variants are often used in combination.


What is a good presentation?


We can consider a presentation a good one if:

  • The main points are emphasized and repeated two or three times under different angles of view.
  • These main points are not too numerous three or four theses.
  • It is interesting and captivating.
  • It helps understanding Income Statement and the Balance Sheet highlighting the essential points of both.  
  • It is honest.
  • It contains no errors or mismatches.
  • The design is professional everything is readable, clear, and beautiful.
  • Visual images and animations are functional, i.e. they highlight facts and figures rather than just showing off.
  •  Its length does not exceed 15 minutes.
  • It contributes to the events success.


Andrey Skvortsov
CEO, Mercator group

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Examples of Road -show presentations:
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