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/Picking stories for a film

Picking stories for a film

Storytelling in action.

We have just completed a film for Vimetco, a European aluminum company. Among other things, we needed to cover the subject of environment protection. We found out something wonderful: in Sierra Leone, where the company has bauxite mines, after a mine gets depleted, they fill it in and plant cashew trees over it. After that, the land is handed over to the local community. Those were excellent pictures: raindrops on young cashew leaves, local residents smiling, and all this in Sierra Leone, where just a few years ago nobody thought about business, much less about environment. It was an excellent story.

We found another story in Romania: they have installed a wonderful pipe, which captures up to 99.7% of discharged fluorine. This is also interesting. Two stories-not bad for a start. We’ve got a picture and a story. The subject is presented through specific examples.

What would be a less effective way to cover the subject? To generalize. To write something about meeting EU standards. What would be a way not to cover the subject at all? To give a couple of general statements, like "environment protection is a crucial element of our corporate strategy."

Stories and examples, specific things-this is what convinces people. Where do we get them? We visit the plant, we talk to people; often, we find things in the corporate press. In real life. But definitely not in the screenwriter’s head.

…I have conducted an experiment. Before this article was published on our Web site, I gave it to various people to read and asked them what was their most memorable impression. "Cashew and the smiling community" was the most popular response.

It’s the same with films. Stories are what people remember and what helps you reach your objectives.

Andrey Skvortsov
CEO, Mercator group

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