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/Dramaturgy in corporate image movies. And in presentations.

Dramaturgy in corporate image movies. And in presentations.

A simple interest-provoking method.

What is dramaturgy about? It's about shaping a story with changes and objective-oriented motion. If there is something changing with a clear purpose - that's dramaturgy. As soon as the story has stopped changing, the audience starts yawning.

What does a typical corporate image movie look like? It's a static description of facts only.

What should be changed? Let's make a movie about changes in the company. It's amusing but the basic script will not need any significant modification; it will still be a "checkrow description", but in terms of solutions, changes and motion.

So, we're crossing out the title "The best company" and make it "How to create the best company". Sounds more intriguing, eh? We've specified the target here - to be the best company. It seems quite ambitious. So how are we going to do it?

… Meet our magnificent marketing department. Why was it established? Couldn't we do without it? What was before and what changed after? What exactly changed? So, now that the marketing department is working what step should we take next? New products? New markets? New employees? Have we made any progress towards the objective?

There seems to be hardly any difference. But it is different: now it has the form of consecutive solving of tasks and constant motion. Now our movie is more likely to be more attractive.

We should never forget to highlight the objective, better in the very beginning, in the set-up. The objective may be conveyed in an interesting story, fact or a joke. Then we start to consistently move towards the objective, in our case – towards "creation of the best company". The final movement is where we check if the objective was reached and assign future tasks.

That is the simple method to make your story interesting, whether it's a movie, report or presentation. Just add changes and motion and you'll make it colorful.

Question: What should we do with dozens of facts? They don't give motion but we want to report them.
Answer: Just put them down the drain.

Question: How can we make it even more interesting?
Answer: Furnish the path to objective with obstacles and show how they were overcome.

Question: What story can we tell in the set-up?

Answer: Tell them how the objective emerged: who assigned it, when and why.

Andrey Skvortsov
CEO, Mercator group

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