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/Video Presentation: step by step

Video Presentation: step by step

Many of those who turn to us for the first time, ask: "how will it work?" It is our pleasure to tell you about this.

  1. First, call or write us. We will try to answer your questions and to make an interesting business meeting
  2. First meeting. The possible future project monitor will be present from our side. He or she will ask all the necessary questions and answer all of yours. Introduction is one of the most pleasant stages of the cooperation (only the completion of work is better).

Be ready to answer two questions (which are not so easy at first sight):

  • What is the purpose of the film? The right answer supposes the description of a specific person and changes in him (or his behavior) after watching the film.
  • What is the target audience? Chose one group from the list: clients, investors, partners, civil servants and government authorities, general public, local public, employees, superiors (people or organizations), journalists. Usually, it is desired to make a film "for everybody", but it is necessary to establish priorities, otherwise the film will go wrong and will be "for nobody".

On our part, we prepare for the meeting, clarify everything that is possible about your company (the Internet).

The meeting is held at time and place of your convenience and usually lasts from half an hour up to an hour.

  1. Preparation of the brief. We prepare a short brief, summarizing the results of the meeting, which you correct and specify. Within 12 hours from the moment of the meeting.
  2. Preparation of the offer, first creative concept and a cost sheet. This is a document which describes what we are planning to do for you, why exactly this and how much it will cost. A trip plan and estimate on computer graphics are prepared. In some particular (to be honest, rare) cases we even draw sketches at this stage. At this stage we definitively decide about the format of the future work: film/commercial/presentation/site/brochure. (All the further text is dedicated to the choice of the "film" format) We will send you the offer on the third business day after the first meeting.

Stages 1-4 do not impose any obligations on you, except for the respect of our copyright on all the provided material. We want you to realize very clearly the future work before you sign the contract.

  1. In case of mutual agreement we start the work, and you approve and sign the contract by this time.
  2. The most important stage begins: the research. Attention! We do not write or offer any "scripts" at this stage. At this stage the thesis, which are to be reflected in the film, are finally formulated, facts and stories as proof for these thesis are collected, experts and other people are selected for an interview, an adjusted plan of shooting and trips is arranged. An informational plan of the film is the result of this work. It looks a bit like a script, but it is not in fact. This is a text where it is indicated what the film will be about, what example there will be provided. This document is approved and after this any changes in the structure of the film ("o dear, we forgot to tell about our plant in Antarctica!") are very inconvenient.

The most important element of the research period is the interview (with camera or without it) with the person who makes decisions in your company, who realizes better than anyone else why and for whom the film is needed.

The research stage usually lasts from one up to three weeks.

  1. At this stage we shoot! Yes, we shoot without script (but it does not mean that we shoot without any plan or a clear goal). And this is a very important and fundamental moment for the quality of the film. For example, we know that we will shoot an air filtering system, but we can never know that swallows will lay a nest just under it and that it will be the best shot. Probably, a live interview will be made for this shot and an "introduction" will be written later.

In 100% of our works the most shining examples and shots appeared during shooting. The camera team works with open eyes. This is how the best documentarians of the world work and it is in this way that efficient video presentations which are interesting to watch are made.

This is an important and fundamental moment. We are not shooting a feature film (a script for which is written before the shooting starts). We do not use actors (the exception may only be for the presenter, but he only "narrates" and never represents a person "from the company"). We want to show your viewers what they really want to know – the truth about your company presented in a spectacular and interesting way. Only such an approach is commercially efficient.

Before shooting we will give you a check list on the preparation of objects for shooting (employees dressed in uniform with your logo on it and so on).

The average duration of the shooting stage is two-four weeks (with trips), or one week without trips.

  1. Of course, we take an interview at the stage of shooting. We take impromptu interviews, not scripted. We will have a plan of the conversation. Sometimes we even have "answers coordinated with the press service". But, believe us, your employees can say everything that is needed, lively, emotionally and off the paper. We will prove it and show it to you.
  2. After the shooting and the taken interviews it is finally possible to write a script. Now it is possible, because we have the material! For every thesis of the informational plan we have stories-proof, and we choose the best ones which will end up in the film. We write introductions (introductions do a topic), insert pieces of interviews, come up with what will be on camera. At this stage it finally becomes clear where exactly computer graphics are needed.

The script is prepared within no more than one week after the end of shooting.

  1. The script is ready! It has to be approved. Of course, minor amendments can be made to the ready film, but it is obvious that a text can be corrected much more easily than a synchronized fine video.
  2. Quite a long process (2-3 weeks) of editing and post production activity starts. The selected parts of the video are cleaned and colored (we do not sugarcoat the reality, but we make it more spectacular). The graphics are prepared. Some parts are literally assembled by shots (let us remind that there are 24 of them in each second). The soundtrack is written here, sound effects are inserted (they add volume to the picture). A voice is selected. Translations to other languages are prepared.

Closer to the end of this stage it is possible to watch the draft edition with draft synchronization.

  1. The final product in high definition with finished synchronization is prepared.
  2. The completion of the film takes place!
  3. Print runs on DVD or Blu-ray is made if needed, versions of the film are uploaded to the Internet. The source materials and unused materials are transferred to the client.

The whole cycle of work from the first call to the completion of the work for a new client take one and a half-two months in average.

  1. We are proud to upload your film on our site, we show it to other people, send it to international festivals, you accomplish the goals established at the stages 1-4 with the aid of the film.
  2. In a few months we will call you and ask how the film works and probably offer you to give us an interview for our "clients speak" category.
  3. We are ready to update and maintain the film if needed. As a rule, the renewal does not cost more than 10% of the initial budget per year.
  4. So, our telephone: +7(495)7888906 or a quick order on the web site.

Andrey Skvortsov
CEO, Mercator group

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