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16 November 2015
How We Made the Video for The Baltic Weekend
Andrey Skvortsov speaks about the challenge of making a good video
2 June 2014
Forty-six principles of truth
26 September 2009
Video Presentation: step by step
Many of those who turn to us for the first time, ask: "how will it work?" It is our pleasure to tell you about this.
6 April 2009
Matrix of persuading visual communications
Speaker's graphic palette
6 April 2009
"Visual terrorists"
Whoever interferes will be our advantage!
14 January 2009
Visual allegories
Effective communication method. How can you make a good job of it?
14 January 2009
Dramaturgy in corporate image movies. And in presentations.
A simple interest-provoking method.
13 October 2008
Picking stories for a film
Storytelling in action.
13 October 2008
No problem, no film
ЕWhat if we donТt have any problems?
13 October 2008
Why a film should not start with a title
27 April 2008
How does one tell a story in an interesting way, so that it does not become a boring account of facts?
12 December 2007
Everyone is able to create a boring trail, film or presentation. The majority do this way. The main method is triviality. The dominant result is inefficiency.
4 April 2007
Corporate television comes to life on the Internet.
5 January 2007
Well, Anyhow Ч How Can We Persuade Them?
This is what we are asked in letters and during workshops.
27 November 2006
Corporate Masturbation
A bit more details about the enemy of corporate films number four.
17 October 2006
Enemies of Corporate Films
They steal your money, your time and your image.
14 March 2006
Concept of a "Fair Story"
Future of corporate films and presentations.
6 March 2006
A Bulldozer for the Ears
On texts for corporate films and presentations
27 June 2005
How to embrace the boundless?
How to reconcile laconism with the desire to say and demonstrate a lot? We present a method of combining formats Ч based on an example of a presentation of a fictional business plan.
6 April 2005
"Ducks" in business presentations
Meaningless allegories are enemies of a good presentation.
2 February 2005
Corporate Films Worldwide: How They Are Made
Impressions of New York Festivals
19 November 2004
Advises to the Speaker
An accumulated experience of successful and unsuccessful presentations
15 November 2004
Bureaucracy in Presentations (or, Presentation of Bureaucracy)
On the hazard of self-admiration in presentations shown to clients.
1 November 2004
Visual language Ц a new way of communication between people, corporations, countries
A little about visual images and persuasive communication.
21 October 2004
Business Presentation for IPO and Other Distributions of Securities
We already have on the credit side several Road Show presentations for large Russian companies. We are going to share the experience of their creation.
21 October 2004
ROI (Return on Investments) of Business Presentations
Why presentation does matter in terms of money.
18 October 2004
Several tools used in the Russian Railways (RZD) JSC road show presentation
We would like to tell about the tools of persuasive visual communication used in Russian Railways (RZD)JSC road show presentation
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