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TV Design
Since 1995, we have designed more than 200 various TV programs some of them are still aired at ORT, RTR, NTV, TV-6, TVC channels, as well as at some of regional and foreign TV chains. We also have on the credit side complete design systems for several TV channels.

How we work: We shun routine jobs. We dont star working at the computers an idea is born which seems to us (and, of course, to the Client) interesting. In the framework of this idea, a final image is created using methods of logo development. It becomes the face of the program. Then we select an expert able to implement this idea with the highest quality. It may be a 3D modeler, a video composition expert or an animator. All projects are carried out with an unconditional observance of Clients deadlines and budget.

How we treat tenders: We participate in them. Projects developed for tenders remain our property; copies of sketches are sent to our lawyers office via registered mail before they are dispatched to the tender. It helps to minimize all possible damage of unauthorized use.


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