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Corporate Movies

There is nothing more boring then the phrase "corporate video". And works produced under this name are no less boring. Once we started pondering the matter – why, really, why is it so? Can it be true that it is impossible to talk about a company in an exciting way? And then it dawned upon us that we should not be talking "About a Company", but "To the People Who Will Watch It". It is hard to achieve – as the stereotypes are deeply engrained. But we are doing it, and the results are worth-while.

For instance, have a look at the MGTS film - it does an excellent job of combining a serious content and an entertaining form. And a film for the anniversary of Mostransgaz was shot in the style of a modern documentary with a famous anchorman.

These formats as follows give the maximum effect:

One to three minutes; for a website, report or a meeting.

IR-corporate film
A film for investors.

HR-corporate film
A film for staff.Special offer!

Movie for customers, video presentations of products and services.

Short clips about your projects.

We do believe, and insist, that a message, serious or complicated as it may be, should not be boring.


Storytelling, Aerial cinematography, Cartoons, Anchormen, Graphics, Filming, Music and Sound, Interview, Art house, Modeling, Infographics, Virtual studio


We initiated a video server for our customers, so that any movie we made can be uploaded to your website in no time. This option is included in the standard price.

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Customers speak out
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