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Organizing Corporate Display Systems
In top managers offices, in board rooms, on corporate TV, on the Internet.
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StatViz interactive corporate display system

How did it appear? What's the use in it? How does it work?

1. Skvortsov is giving details:

StatViz is a special thingy for presentations. Let me explain this. Birth of StatViz was preconditioned by three factors:

  1. Just five years ago most companies figured out that information needs precise, reasonable and visual presentation. For this purpose, visualization professionals and designers (yes, these are different professions but it's not what we're talking about here). The visual part started to move towards improvement slowly, but surely, when another issue emerged.
  2. Promptitude. Designer's work is a long work. Even if readymade templates are available, it still takes a while. As information changes every week, day and even minute and the audience yearns to get the newest and freshest data, freshness proves to matter more than quality of a presentation and all the templates just have to move to a recycle bin. There is still another issue.
  3. Interactivity. Audience today dictates that a "live" presentation should give "live" responses. For instance, if the slide presents dynamics for the recent three years but the audience wants to see the seven-year span, it would be good to show such data right away, without leaving the stage. Or, say, you need to deal with the current year data in more detail. It's true that absolute functionality can hardly be achieved here, and, which is equally true, is not needed. But it still would be useful to have at least the minimum set of functions available.

StatViz successfully solves all these three issues. Designers analyze the data submitted by the customers and make up quality slides. Most standard visualization tasks (say, stock prices) are not time-consuming we just add the customer's individual stylistics. Non-standard tasks take 2 to 3 weeks but eventually the customer will be able to modify the data as often as needed. The interface is customized to make it easy to change the headings, legends, slide type, data type, data itself and sequence of slides. It's just impossible to "ruin" the slide (but if the customer feels like inserting a picture or video, it can be imported into a separate slide).

Above all, the slides are live. You can easily modify your presentation while it's running: change scale, add or remove columns or diagrams, move the time axis backwards and forwards. You can watch our video and see how it works.

So you end up having an on-the-fly, quality and interactive presentation. It can work on-line virtually anywhere: at the meetings with investors, employees, mass media or whoever is invited to the meeting; and it will remain interactive.

It's equally easy to prepare a video file for a blog, television or office plasma TV, burn it onto a DVD or insert in PowerPoint.

StatViz has long been a prerogative of those who make economics-related presentations and weather forecasts on TV. But today technology has developed to make it possible for StatViz to live and work in a laptop, for any user and in whatever situation.

What are the benefits?

  • Fast updates of DVD presentations and corporate video materials;
  • Spectacular and real-time graphics in situation analysis room;
  • Visual info graphics present "information as pictures" for top managers and their guests;
  • Automatic updates of graphics for corporate television;
  • Useful entertainment for visitors in office halls.

Who is the developer?

The "Mercator" group. The recognized leader in the area of video presentations, films and one of the top-rank info design studios. The following companies have trust in our experience: OAO "Russian Railroads", Vneshtorgbank, OOO "Mostransgaz", "Sibur Holding", RAO "UES of Russia", TNK, Central Election Committee of the Russian Federation, "Rossiya" and "NTV" television channels.

How to learn more?

Contact Katerina Miroshnikova or Andrey Skvortsov (CEO of the "Mercator" group) - and they will be happy to clarify all the details.

Display system of the Central Election Committee of Russia

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