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About Mercator
We are there for companies and organizations to effectively communicate with people, in a humanly fashion. We say no to smug, bossy attitude, empty generalization and officialese. We say yes to emotions, drama, specifics, stories and impressive figures.

Our mission is to help our Customers to be appreciated and understood by their staff, clients, investors, state officials and partners. We boost the perceived value of ideas, services and goods.

Our toolkit: films, television, infographics, data visualization.

In our work we stick to the fundamental Principles (see them here).

Mercator consists of:

Corporate and b2b Advertising Department

Our main specialization is films! Whether for corporations, presentations, exhibitions, they are interesting, funny, but always effective. We tell stories. We think the picture. Cartoons, graphics, and presentations are also made here.

Graphic Design Department

While CDs, prints, and websites are not our specialty, for the convenience of our clients we do have a small department. At the end of the day, it is more convenient for clients if they can do everything in one place, and we give them that opportunity. But films are our main area.

Infographics Department

Our largest department, “A state within a state”, serves several major Russian television channels (creating daily and round the clock infographics for the news). Here several independent groups work on business infographics.

TV Weather Department

Working with “Meteo-TV”, we work on TV weather projects, the most famous of which is NTV weather with Alexander Belyaev and Andrei Skvortsov.

Interactive Presentations Department

Statviz Project: Interactive, updated in real-time, presentations and infographics at HD-quality, used for television (weather, economics, news), situational centers, and dashboard-panels and monitors in offices.

And also:

Masterclasses, seminars, articles, and blogs.

The company is a member of the TMK group, but is managed independently.


In 1994 a group of employees at the Institute of Geography RAS began making computerized maps for TV news and other media (and up to then they had made IG RAS).

In 1997 “Mercator” was formed. Its first client was the “Meteo-TV”, television channel, with which was made “NTV Weather with Alexander Belyaev".

Since 2000 the company has produced news infographics for television news, and since 2004 has been working on corporate and B2B advertising, presentations and investment films.

It is included in the Top-100 companies in the advertising market, released by

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