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Andrey Skvortsov

CEO and co-owner of the Mercator Group

Industrial advertising expert. Author of sales/marketing, PR and IR films and presentations for largest Russian and European companies, such as the VTB Group, "Russian Railways", Vimetco, MIE, Rosnano, Rostelecom, TTK, RAO "UES of Russia", Gazprom, SIBUR and hundreds of others.

Author of more than hundred publications. Supervisor for news information graphics services for the top Russian TV channels: "Russia", "REN-TV", 5-th channel. Author of visual concepts for weather forecasts on Russian TV, including the famous "Weather on NTV". Teaches the "visual communication" course at the Business School of Moscow State University. Holds the Gold medal of NewYorkFestivals (2009). Actor and skydiver.

1994 Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University
2004 MBA (AIBEc)
2007 "Obraz" acting school
2007 Robert McKees story seminar
2009 Harvard Business School (OPM)


Consultations and trainings
A. Skvortsov has taught the course of lectures "Visual communication"
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