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Telling About Important Things in an Entertaining Story

Telling a story without being pompous, with humor, in an interesting and entertaining way - this is what cartoons do best! However strange it may seem, cartoons are what helps to convey your message in a most literal sense. Everything cartoon characters do and say looks like a game, which means the barriers of perception come down to a large extent. In order for a cartoon to be successful it has to made according to the rules of the genre - grotesque, with gags, sharp dynamics and memorable characters.

Example 1. Telling about MGTS services using as example a family of bears that relies on these services. A cartoon approach is a "carrier frequency" for the message, it awakes interest.

Example 2. When "Meteo-TV" Company had a 10 year anniversary, it was decided to make not a boring corporate film about its long and creative life, but a cartoon-video clip to the song of Anita Tsoi "The weather is us". The target audience (they mostly were advertisers) saw that "Meteo-TV" not only has a "ten-year experience", but also an up-to-date, fun-loving and creative team.

Example 3. A New Year's video clip for the Russia Today TV channel. A simple and inexpensive cartoon wishes the audience a Happy New Year and reminds them what a large country Russia is.

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