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Consultations and trainings

Andrey Skvortsov and Alexey Kapterev deliver consultant services and organize master-classes in the area of creating presentations (contents, structure, acting and visualization) and also in the field of corporative sales for the clients of Mercator.

Andrey Skvortsov ( is head of Mercator group.


  • 1994 Moscow State University, geographical faculty
  • 2004 MBA (AIBEc)
  • 2006 Edward Tuftes infodesign seminar
  • 2007 Robert McKees story seminar
  • 2009 OPM (Harvard Business School

Conducts master classes "Corporative advertising and corporative film", "Visual images in b2b communication", "Analytical and informational design".

Masterclasses by Andrey Skvortsov:

Visual metaphors and allegories in commercials and presentations When is their use efficient and justified? Examples, cases, and variants. How does one create an efficient and apt metaphor?

90 minutes

Principles of analytic and information design Its importance and situations where it can be used efficiently. Information graphic manipulations. Principles for making charts and diagrams. Rules for producing quality information design.

90 minutes

Corporate films: how to make it efficient and interesting When are films useful and efficient in B2B advertisement? How to make it interesting: techniques with examples.

60 minutes

Alexey Kapterev ( is an independent consultant.


  • 1997 G. V. Plekhanovs Russian Economical Academy , economist
  • 2003 NLP trainers training, MC NLP and NLP institute
  • 2006 trainers training, Mark Kukushkins Open Trainers University.

Conducts the training "The art of presentation", the master class "Visual communication in public speech".

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A. Skvortsov has taught the course of lectures "Visual communication"
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