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DVD Presentations
The Mercator Group offers a new presentation technology based on the DVD format

IT IS RECOMMENDED FOR: reports, road-shows, exhibitions, press-conferences, luxury goods promotion
Graphics and Animation Interactivity Use of virtual studios
Graphics and Animation
of the highest quality.
State-of-the-art television and cinematography technologies.
Unlimited choice of menu levels, sections, languages, etc.
Use of virtual studios. You can address your clients personally using an exclusive informational environment.
Ease of use and Compatibility TV people's favorite format Clean freeze frame
Ease of use and Compatibility with all DVD devices. Pleasant and easy to watch, no hang-ups or 'insufficient memory' complains. Remote control operation. TV people's favorite format. Any TV chain will be happy to receive your DVD materials. They can really adorn their programs, while their rivals go on using the same old 'talking heads'. Clean freeze frame. DVD provides ideal pauses in video documents - that is why it is so convenient for supporting materials in lectures.

TNK. The Samotlor Oilfield Presentation

DVD Presentation of the Magnitogorsk Smelter (MMK)


PR-Graphics and Business Presentations
Slide presentations
Comprehensive Approach
Work examples:
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