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Business infographics
All that is important within one minute!

You have probably seen our work on air on the Vesti-24 channel: short infographical pieces. If not, it is not a problem, you can also watch them on the web site of the TV channel.

The information on one topic is very carefully selected, checked and shown in an illustrative, spectacular, orderly way. The source of our particular pride is the logical change of one slide into another, as well as associative graphics and charts (let us say, the quantity of fresh water on Earth is presented as a drop falling down from the globe). Music and sound effects give to the picture weight and volume.

We offer you to do the same with your information!

So, Business infographics (or informational elevator pitch)!

You provide us with 5-7-9 informational slides (for example in PowerPoint format). We reduce headings and texts, select the form of representation and create an animated commercial 50 to 70 seconds in length, which you can then use on your site, in a blog, in a presentation, at an exhibition, in your speech.

Do you have 50-70 slides instead of 5-7?

Write and call us, we will together decide what to do. We will either select the most eye-catching/important slides or we will increase the volume of our work.


It will be necessary to update numbers? There two ways here:

  • We do one free update during the year, the followings 10% from the price of the original commercial;
  • We transform the animation in Statviz format, and everything updates automatically, in real time.

Standard solutions:

  • Annual/quarterly report
    What if we try to say all that is important in 5-7 slides? And we will save the investors time as well.
  • ROI of a product/service
    How does your product save the clients money or helps to earn? We will show it within one minute. In numbers.
  • The history of the company
    History, geography, numbers. Plan for the future.
  • Business-plan
    The origin of future money ("if there are one thousand people, and everyone gives me one ruble"), expenses/profits, NPV.
  • Marketing pitch
    Matrices, niches, volumes, competitors, opportunities.
  • Explanations
    As it is clear from the title, it explains the essence, but not necessarily in numbers. Any explanatory graphics or a business cartoon.

An example of our work.

Call us!

You can clarify all the details with Katerina Miroshnikova at the telephone +7 (495) 788–89–06 (ext. 111) and at the e-mail

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