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Slide presentations
You do not like your presentations? Let us solve the problem!
  • Send us your presentation, and we will remake it.
  • You will be able to independently change what you will get back (in fact, it will be a pattern for future presentations)
  • Based on your written task we will create "sprites" - objects on a transparent layer (people, cars, buildings, computers etc) which you will be able to insert into presentations and combine any scenes or charts with them. ("A client comes to us, and we tell him" two people a "client" and a "company representative", as well as an "office" and arrows are made).
  • We remake everything by ourselves based on our experience. Be ready that the redundancy of the text will be eliminated. When the work is ready, we make any adjustments based on your remarks once without getting into any arguments.

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You can clarify all the details with Maria Chemezova at the telephone +7 (495) 788–89–06 (ext. 116) and at the e-mail

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