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Corporate TV:
Video Blogs, Video Magazines, Video Seminars!

“The advantage of video presentation over text is in the manner it influences human behavior. After 72 hours, the retention rate for reading materials is only 20%; however, the retention rate of simultaneously hearing and seeing is 65%.”

(Weiss-McGrath Report)

“65% of internet users are watching videos online, and 66% of these online video watchers watch advertising videos; 31% of them are visiting the advertised site and 8% make a purchase”.

Online Publishers Association

Mercator offers comprehensive services with payments based on subscription or payment per unit.

  • Expedited dispatch of film crew to the location (reporter and cameraman): video recording of the events, interview, presentations;
  • Production of news video-stories (on expedited basis);
  • Production of monthly video magazines with and without an anchorman;
  • Production and update of the films based on collected materials - for clients, investors, society;
  • Films based on the social responsibility of the business;
  • Video recording of lectures, seminars, master-classes; work process.

Work process:

How we are better:

  • Competent, knowing your business reporter and editor, working with you on a permanent basis;
  • High standards of video recording (variety of video shots and views, interesting camerawork), HD-quality of the initial materials;
  • Stringent color correction of all materials (images are always bright and with crisp glorious colors)
  • Skilled editing work (no visual monotony, frequent change of camera views and scenery);
  • The highest quality informational and layout videography;
  • Sound design (sound effects and effective volume control), music;
  • Timeframe terms varying from several hours to several days;
  • Reasonable prices in line with quality.

To receive the price-list please call and write to Katerina Miroshnikova. Telephone: +7 (495) 788–89–06 (ext. 111), e-mail:

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