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Election Coverage-2003

Website Elections-2003 11 December 2003 year

At the request of the Russian Central Election Committee (CEC) the Mercator Group for the fifth time (1995, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2003) was in charge of graphically presenting to the nation results of federal elections flowing from GAS "Vybory" ("Elections").

This time visualization was done automatically, as required by television technologies and standards.
Intro-flashes, graphs, maps, diagrams and charts were transmitted via cables to all accredited television companies and were broadcast live to viewers simultaneously with announcements of results made by the Central Election Committee.

For interactive kiosks in the Central Election Committee (CEC) building an informational flash module was created - its copy can be seen at
The module automatically designs diagrammatic representations based on the data from GAS "Vybory" (State Automated System "Elections").

The TsIK informational center operated on-line for 40 hours, and during this time over a thousand seconds of computer animation were produced, over ten thousand maps, graphs, turnout diagrams, election results split by party lists, by single member consistencies, by local elections.

Graphics were updated every hour and presented the data split by Russian regions, districts and territorial election committees.

The visualization system was designed by the Federal Informatization Center of the Russian CEC based on GAS "Vybory" (State Automated System "Elections").

Visualization design and production of illustration graphics was undertaken by the Mercator Group.

Representation of Elections-2003
Representation of Elections-2003

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