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/"Weather on NTV", Version 4.0

"Weather on NTV", Version 4.0

4 February 2005 year

Version 1.0
Version 1.0
Version 2.0
Version 2.0
Version 3.0
Version 3.0

Version 4.0
Version 4.0

Meteo-TV Company, NTV TV-channel, and Mercator Group present a new, modernized version of weather forecast TV show.

The show is shot in the new Meteo-TV virtual studio. The studio offers widest possibilities for combining a presenter with digital graphics; in addition to weather forecast shows, it is going to be used for creation of corporate presentation and films.

The main novel feature of the new version of the "weather" is the virtual cube. A 3-dimensional "live" cube is much more informative than a plasma panel screen; that is why the plasma screen used in version 2.0 was sent off to the office, and the cube occupied its place in the new virtual studio. Actually, the cube was the main reason why it was decided to move the weather show from a real studio to a virtual one. It was a justified decision from the informational point of view.

The cube can display various climatic situations from different viewpoints, is capable to magnify small details up to macro-size, as well as represent global-scale processes.

Graphic stories - "weather situations" - are created especially for this cube. By the end of the year their number should exceed one hundred. Taken together, they make a pictorial encyclopedia of weather.

Samples of pictorial weather stories:

A cold wave

An urban focus of heat

Formation of snow


The cube can also be transformed into a frame. The frame displays weather maps, as well as reports from the locations where specific events take place.

Find out about the weather on NTV channel: daily after news reports!

NTV - task setting, concept, captions and studio design, valuable comments.
Meteo-TV - producing, presenters, daily production.
Mercator - idea, scripts, digital graphics.

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