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StatViz at APEC 2012

2 October 2012 year

Mercator employees recently returned from Vladivostok where our information display system StatVizTM (developed by Mercator) was in operation at the APEC summit.

Thousands of journalists and summit participants, as well as residents and guests in Vladivostok, were able to follow events round-the-clock as they unfolded on a dedicated news channel.

The summit's programme and graphic design for the live broadcast (titles, rolling captions, logos, clock), trailers and announcements were displayed using StatVizTM on plasma screens set up in the International Press-Centre, as well as being broadcast on local television.

Hidden here is a hint that you too can use StatVizTM on corporate TV, in a situation centre, and on your own TV channel!

Our production team:

Concept and Script —Tatyana Gulyanitskaya
Design and Animation — Vyacheslav Novikov, Andrey Vozniy
Production Director — Stanislav Onishchenko
Project Manager — Mariya Chemezova

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