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StatViz at G20

17 January 2014 year

The StatVizTM information visualization system, Mercator’s proprietary solution, was extensively used at the 2013 G-20 Saint Petersburg summit in September.

StatVizTM is designed to create and display graphic designs for television broadcasts (both live and recorded) on screens and television channels.

If you are planning on having your own corporate television, please call us to provide you with design, content and, naturally, StatViz.



User interface:

Our production team:

Producers — Aleksandr Grigoryants, Gennady Kondratyev
Design — Andrey Kovalevsky, Nikolay Tolokonnikov
Artist & Animator — Yury Ternovsky
Chief Analyst — Yevgenija Prokhorova
Editors — Margarita Valevich, Elena Onikevich Development
Team Leader, Architect — Aleksander Gaponov
Programming Supervisor — Aleksey Kuzmichev
Databases, Mobile Version Programmer — Viktor Smirnov
Interface Programmer — Dmitry Lavrik
System Programmer — Sergey Shpunt
Mobile Version Design — Svetlana Golovchanskaya


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