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/The new information design of the Russia-1 television channel

The new information design of the Russia-1 television channel

24 January 2014 year

In 2014, the Russia-1 channel news shows have an all new information design, a project that we worked on throughout the year 2013.

3D reconstructions have been refurbished — we have minimized the background while focusing on the main developments of the story and gave up on character animation in favor of 3D static shots. The infographics in Russia-1 broadcasts are more minimalistic, crisper and smarter — there is no “design for the sake of design,” but easily comprehensible and legible information.

And we made sure viewers have their weather reports (as always together with Meteo-TV).

Our production team:

Producer — Gennady Kondratyev
Co-producers — Konstantin Ganzhela, Aleksandr Grigoryants
Chief Designer and Art Director — Andrey Kovalevsky
Designers — Denis Mitrofanov, Kirill Dmitriev, Aleksandr Zatonsky, Nikolay Tolokonnikov, Aleksey Verevkin

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