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A New Design for the "Russia in Numbers" and "The World in Numbers" Projects

5 February 2014 year

In 2013, our project, infographics for the Russia-24 Channel, celebrated its fifth anniversary and passed the milestone of 1,000 reels. The project has constantly been subjected to refinements and minor updates, but its design has changed little from the very beginning. It was therefore decided to refresh the design and add transparency and clarity to the reels. These changes affected not only their form, but also their content. The running time and the amount of information were limited to make the reels easier to view and understand.

The transformations began a year ago, when changes were made to break bumpers. Those changes provided the impetus for developing new vectors: the need for large digits; more depth; more color; more beautiful, rich, three-dimensional images; and lots of glass and reflections.

We first tried to approximate the channel's news images, but it then became clear that the infographics would lose their individuality and understandability in that case.

We tried playing with three-dimensional digits.

We tried making more complex shapes.

We added glass, glitter and glamour, and the direction became clearer.

We made a reel with large glass digits. Everything turned out great, beautiful and dimensional (that is, it was in exact accordance with our vectors).

However, a problem arose: understandability and meaning had disappeared.



We started again from ground zero. We took the old design and tried to make any necessary changes to the project very carefully and subtly, without strong creative solutions. And we have achieved the result we wanted. All of the ideas have been implemented, but the essence of the reel, its meaning, has remained clear.

Thus, after long debate and much experimentation, the reels have acquired their final form.

Watch them on the Russia-24 Channel!

Our production team:

Project Manager — Andrey Skvortsov
Producer — Gennady Kondratyev
Designer, Art and Production Director — Mikhail Matorin
Senior Editor and Lead Analyst — Arkadiy Popov
Analysts — Vladimir Kozlov, Olga Tikhomirova
Animators — Dmitry Glovatsky, Pyotr Ditmar, Andrey Zvyagin

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