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/Moscow under Construction Project: Helikon Opera

Moscow under Construction Project: Helikon Opera

12 May 2015 year

The Moscow under Construction project for Moscow 24 Television Channel starts its third season.

A single video from 90 to 120 seconds focuses on a single construction project in Moscow.

The scope of the projects has expanded over the past three years, and we added a pinch of sports to roads and the subway ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The new season starts off with the starry sky of Helikon Opera.


Stills from the video:


Producer — Gennady Kondratiev
Production managers — Mikhail Matorin, Sergei Kononenko
Art Director — Mikhail Matorin
Editors-Analytics — Evgeny Prokhorov, Margaret Valevich, Olga Klesova, Andrew Lipovets, Limanowa Maria, Elena Anikevich
Animators — Andrei Zvyagin, Oleg Yushkov, Roman Ivanov, Oleg Soloviev

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