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/ Mini-series for M24: Victory Weapons

Mini-series for M24: Victory Weapons

22 May 2015 year

Together with our Moscow 24 colleagues we produced a mini-series comprising five episodes with augmented reality to tell the story of the weapons that won Soviet soldiers the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Stories on

S-13 submarine

Ilyushin Il-4 bomber

Lavochkin La-7 fighter

Katyusha rocket launcher

T-34 tank

Stills from the video:


Producer — Gennady Kondratiev
Production managers — Mikhail Matorin, Sergei Kononenko
Making rubrics — Mikhail Matorin
Analyst — Elena Anikevich
Animators — Sergey Kononenko, Andrey Zvyagin, Alexander Kogai, Andrei Krylov, Oleg Yushkov
General producer — Andrey Skvortsov

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