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/Micro-footage GAS Vibory (Elections) Film, 90 Seconds

Micro-footage GAS Vibory (Elections) Film, 90 Seconds

7 December 2003 year


Your vote is protected by law.
Step one. Public vote counting at the polling station. Results are entered into a log. Everything is transparent for observers.
Step two.Polling station logs are delivered to a Territorial Election Committee. Data are input into the Vibory (Elections) State Automated System (GAS) monitored by observers.
From here, electronic logs are further transported via the GAS Vibory network. Paper logs follow without using any electronic devices. It forms two independent information flows.
The next step.District Committee. A winner is determined for the single-member constituency. Observers and candidates can check electronic and paper logs against their own copies. Alternatively, they can re-calculate the results using Internet facilities.
Finally, the data are supplied to the Central Electoral Committee of Russia. Here, nation-wide results are calculated under a public control.
GAS Vibory. Everything conforming to the rules.

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