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/Coverage of Televised Elections — 2005

Coverage of Televised Elections — 2005

17 November 2005 year

The system processing and visualizing corporate information, STATVIZ, developed by "Mercator" at the request of the Russian Television Academy was used again, like in 2004, to organize the process of voting by Academy members during the national contest "TEFI-2005".

From September 20 to 22, 2005 the conference hall of the Central Election Committee (CEC) daily hosted working sessions conducted by the Academy sections, and on the 24-th of September the general assembly of all members was held there. In the course of these sessions Academy members selected three finalists in each nomination out of an extensive list of contestants (all in all there were 39 nominations and up to thirty contestants in each) using the electronic voting system with the help of Ballot Processing Complexes or BPCs (KOIB, developed by the "CROC" corporation).

It was the so-called first round of voting. For it to be carried out we produced a special version of software, developed design and technical scenario of the voting process.

The information gathered via BPCs was immediately fed to displays located in the conference hall using "Mercator"’s software and visual solutions, and that enabled Academy members to begin discussing this information immediately.

Besides, "Mercator" created the graphic design of the "TEFI-Professions-2005" ceremony that took place on November 16, 2005.

To view the video clips
(AVI 2,7 mb), (RAR 1,5 mb)
(AVI 1,5 mb), (RAR 1,2 mb)

The system of technical support to summarizing voting results of the "TEFI-2005" contest was implemented by the Central Election Committee of the Russian Federation ((, the Federal Informatization Center of the CEC RF (, the "Mercator" Group and the "Croc" Company (

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