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Corporate Film for IPCG (International Petrochemical Group)

20 June 2006 year

The film was designed to be demonstrated to European partners and investors of the Company.

The European tradition of creating presentation materials does not tolerate simply singling praises to the company in superlatives. It is important to communicate the mission, to explain why this particular line of business was chosen and the contribution it makes to the public good. The approach needs to be honest and not cynical.

For a film depicting a petrochemical company we ventured upon a non-standard approach that would be appropriate for a Greenpeace promo.

In the opening shots the audience sees beautiful landscapes and hears the following words: "Not so many substances are required to support life. Air, water, carbohydrates. Nature supplies us with all of them. Lets take the water cycle, for example. Of course, hitches happen - draughts, floods. But overall Nature copes well".

Then music and video scenes change.

"And what about methyl acrylate, nitrite acrylate, vynil acetate, methyl acetate? There is no denying it, these words sound a bit scary. However, these substances are also vital: no, of course not to support life. But to support comfortable life. To support our and your comfort, convenience and safety. And it is just as obvious that someone needs to ensure their cycle as well. Nature definitely is not the one to do it - it is not Her domain".

The General Director clarifies that delivery of this petrochemical products cycle is the task accomplished by his Company. For the sake of comfortable and safe life of millions of people.

Needless to say, once we have resolved to compare Nature and petrochemistry, we can not avoid talking about environmental care. It proved easy to do.

The Company factories are located - where would you think? - in Finland where ecological standards are enforced much more rigorously than in other European Union countries (where, as you can guess, they are far from being lax). Well, the Companys internal standards are ten times more rigid than in Finland.

The film was shot in Finland, in Arabic Emirates, in Saint-Petersburg and in Moscow.

The "comfort, safety, transparency" cycle logo was designed specifically for this film, and the Company liked it so much that it decided to use it in other corporate materials as well.

The film succeeded in coming across as honest, emotive and informative.

The film was made in the English language.

NewYorkFestival Awards 2007

Finalist Certificate
Finalist Certificate

Project team:

Script Writer- Andrey Skvortsov
Director - Andrey Mazkun
Art Director - Evgueny Lyubimov
Director - Katerina Miroshnikova

IPCG is a European company dealing with manufacturing, trading and logistics of petrochemical products.

The Companys Central office is located in Luxemburg; the company has representative offices in different European Union countries, in Arabic Emirates and in Russia.


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