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/DVD Presentation of the Magnitogorsk Smelter (MMK)

DVD Presentation of the Magnitogorsk Smelter (MMK)

17 May 2007 year

It is a large scale project covering all aspects, ranging from the history of the enterprise to its financial performance. Our task was to develop materials for exhibitions, presentations and compilation of reports.

The presentation is tailored for customers, investors, visitors and partners of the smelter.

When getting to know a metals giant, one is often unable to comprehend the scale of its activities, or sometimes even the meaning of what is going on. What does the smelter produce? How is it produced? When was manufacturing equipment modernized last? What are dozens of these giant facilities for? What is inside them? How much money does the smelter make, and how much does it spend, and what does it spend it on? Where are its suppliers and sales markets located?

All these questions are answered by a series of short video clips collected on a DVD disk and accessible via an interactive menu.

The background information video clip communicates the most important smelter-related information in one minute.

The "Geography" video clip reveals one of the most significant competitive edges of the smelter - its geographic location. As a matter of fact, the Urals is the most metal-rich region in Russia.

"History" is a three-minute story about the 75 year history of the smelter, starting from the romantic construction boom of the 20-s of the last century to the present-day modernization projects. Unique photographs were unearthed in archives, and up to date video material was filmed as well.

"Products". How can one describe the whole range of the smelter products in 90 seconds? An elegant visual solution was proposed - a "tree" of products demonstrating all steps in processing raw materials - from charred coal and ore to products at the highest processing steps - for example, bar iron, metal products, or flat stock with polymeric coating. It is especially useful that thickness of a "branch" corresponds to the volume of output for each product type.

"Manufacturing". This series consisting of 11 video clips stands a bit apart. It is designed for those who are interested in technology. Practically all partners and visitors of the smelter take interest in the specifics of how steel is made and products are rolled. To be able to tell a laconic and graphic story about technologies, our specialists have studied textbooks on metallurgical engineering, and the texts that they have written are technically correct, but not overly obscure. The smelter representatives have acted as experts.

"Strengths". This option of the presentation is of interest for investors. The information it conveys on key advantages of the smelter is rather unemotional, but important nevertheless.

"Finances". This is a very short summary of the annual report. It contains only the most vital figures, indicators and ratings.

The presentation materials can also be used on their own, e.g., by incorporating this or that animation into a Power Point presentation.

The DVD presentation of MMK sets a new standard for corporate presentation materials - visual, open, viewer-oriented, as well as convenient for all kinds of uses, from exhibitions to reports.

Representatives of the Magnitogorsk smelter helped us achieve this result. Their contribution enabled us to make models of all shop floors and manufacturing operations, and besides to develop easy-to-understand diagrams, which run through the whole film.

Watch the movie


The background information Ч mpg (4.25mb), rar (4.14mb)
"Products" Ч mpg (14.7mb), rar (13.7mb)
BOF Plant Ч mpg (8.95mb), rar (8.6mb)
Blast furnace process Ч mpg (6.9mb), rar (6.65mb)

The project was delivered by:

General Producer Ч Andrey Skvortsov
Production Director Ч Andrey Mazkun
Art Director Ч Evgueniy Lyubimov
Designer Ч Andrey Krasavin
3D Animators Ч Rostoslav Kiyantsev, Aleksander Minakov
2D Animator Ч Dmitry Misharin
Director Ч Katerina Miroshnikova
Composer Ч Aleksander Volkov


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