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Presentation Film for the "Sevzaptruboprovodstroi" Company

15 May 2007 year

The "Sevzaptruboprovodstroi" Company is one of the leaders on the challenging market of underwater pipeline construction. The key message of the film aimed at potential customers was to demonstrate them the variety of deployed technologies, as well as the companys many year of experience in the field and extensive portfolio of projects.

However, we could not deny ourselves the pleasure of indulging a viewer with an interesting and emotionally charged opening in the first minute of the film the camera plunges underwater, moving from an idyllic early morning fishing scene to a gas pipeline built at the bottom of a serene little river. This special effect, besides enhancing the emotional factor, also has a meaningful aspect environmental friendliness of all projects of the "Sevzaptruboprovodstroi" Company.

The resulting film came out as emotive and informative just the way a good presentation film should be.

Watch the film

Download: mpg (27.8mb), zip (26.7mb)


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