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Presentation for Brunswick Rail Leasing

29 February 2008 year

We’ve done consulting service and edited the slide presentation for the company.

First we analyzed and detailed the story structure, chose the most important slides, and only then then the basic work started. The amount of graphics in the slides has been reduced approximately thrice, implying no influence on the informational contents. The design has been coordinated to the company brandbook and infodesign principles.

The presentation is built on analytical illustrations.



Project employees:

Contents and structure: Alexey Kapterev, Andrey Skvortsov
Design: Nonna Lysenko
Composing: Dmitriy Misharin
3D animation: Alexandr Minakov, Rostislav Kiyantsev, Pavel Sokolov
Producing director: Stanislav Onishenko
Project manager: Katerina Miroshnikova

Brunswick Rail Leasing is the leading group at the market of leasing and cargo carriage rent in RF. Specialization in the field of rails and vast experience in exploitation allow the company specialists to offer the optimal and flexible solution to the problem of cargo carriage purchase.< /p>

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