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/Rostelecom: 8-800 in TNT Express Company

Rostelecom: 8-800 in TNT Express Company

30 May 2008 year

A series of videocases for Rostelecom company is being created at this time.

Some of our most loyal customers agreed to discuss the benefits of services rendered by the company and explain why they chose Rostelecom.

Employees of Rostelecom client companies participated in the filming for free.

Download: zip (15.6 mb)

Project team:

Screen play Alexey Kapterev
Contents and structure Andrey Skvortsov
Designer Evgeniy Lubimov
Composer, compositor Dmitriy Misharin
Characters animator Pavel Sokolov
3D Animators Alexandr Minakov, Vladimir Tarasov
Production director Stanislav Onishenko
Project manager Maria Chemezova


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