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Mercator in St. Petersburg

22 July 2008 year

Mercator company opened its representative office in St. Petersburg in June of 2008.

Ivan Sidelnikov, a famous documentary film maker and creator of such films as "The Russian Card", "The Time of Polar Countries", and "Tightrope walker: Russia in the Modern World", was appointed as head of this office.

Ivan Sidelnikov:

"I’ve been acquainted with Mercator and Andrey Skvortsov for 7 years already – we worked together on the "The Russian Card". As we have maintained a close relationship, we decided to unite our talents under one brand in order to give our clients in Northwestern Russia the best corporate film service. Then again, not only in Northwestern Russia. We are now working on a film for the Orenburg Region government, and coming up next are the southerners and the Far East..."

Ivan presents a short video about his native city on the Neva River as a business card of the St. Petersburg Mercator office.

Idea, performance and production by Ivan Sidelnikov and Vyacheslav Murashkin


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