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Book on Creative Writing and Storytelling

7 October 2008 year

A book by Robert McKee, a famous creative writing instructor, has been published in Russian with the assistance of Mercator Group. The cover was designed by our artist Nonna Lysenko.

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About Robert McKee

American television screenwriter Robert McKee started his showbiz career at the age of nine, playing a leading role in a community theater production.

Today, McKee is world-famous for his Story Seminar, which offers instruction in screenwriting. He gives his class to sold-out audiences in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Rome and more. Films created by his students win most prominent awards.

In addition to teaching and writing, he offers advice to leading filmmaking and television companies. Studios like ABC, Disney, Miramax, PBS, Nickelodeon and Paramount regularly send their employees to his lectures. He currently resides in Los Angeles and London.

Andrey Skvortsov:

At the beginning of his famous Story Seminar, which I had an opportunity to attend, Robert McKee asks a few questions to find out who are the people in attendance. Only about 40% of maybe fifty participants are professional writers, scenarists and producers. The rest are businessmen, scientists, military-people of all sorts and these are in majority. "This is a regular situation for our seminar, and I’m happy about it," McKee says.

The ability to present your ideas in an inspirational way is a great, often decisive, advantage. Logic, facts, figures, descriptions, charts-all of this is very important, of course, but only as long as your audience remains interested. The ability to inspire people with one’s ideas is an attribute of a leader. The key is a good story.

But what makes a story good? What makes it different from a simple list of facts and events? Why is it that one man may tell a story about a sparrow at a bus stop and make everybody listen, whereas another person may break the news of a global catastrophe and nobody will even bother to hear him? This is what the book is about. Step by step, it describes methodically how captivating stories are created.

Also, since the author is a professional storyteller, the book is not only helpful but also extremely interesting to read.

Project team:

Designer - Nonna Lysenko
Project leader - Katerina Miroshnikova
Publisher - Alpina Business Books

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