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10 December 2008 year

Our colleague, designer and composer Denis Grigoryev, has an important occasion: his new, fourth album The Poor Also Laugh has been released.

Not only has it been released but it’s among the twenty best-selling albums in Russia!

Denis’s stage name is Karandash

We sincerely congratulate Denis and wish him good health and creative energy. We hope he will retain his self-irony and will create many more tracks and become extremely famous and rich! ;)

Karandash is one of the flagships of Russia’s oldest hip-hop label, RAP Recordz. As of now, he has four solo albums, the last of which, The Poor Also Laugh, became a bestseller in 2008. Thanks to this record, Afisha has listed Karandash as a key artist in Russian hip-hop today.

For example, he is the sound producer of Sergei Loban’s film Pyl (The Dust), which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and received a special prize. Also, Denis works on soundtracks for commercials produced by Mercator Group for the Rossiya television channel, for TEFI Awards ceremony, for the MAKS air show, etc.

Denis has performed at multiple concerts and festivals both in Russia and abroad.

About the video:

Karandash - "The Poor Also Laugh" Promo 2008.
Director: Andrei Kharzeyev
Cameraman: Mikhail Kogan
Editing: Art Pimanov


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