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/"Kaspersky Lab" film

"Kaspersky Lab" film

30 January 2009 year

Production of this corporate image film about cheerful antivirus guys had an air of urgency we were supposed to make it within 21 days. We give acknowledgement to Eugene Kaspersky's lab guys for hospitality and reliability!

See the best scenes from the film:

Shots from the film:

Download the movie: mpg (26.6 mb)

Project team:

Producers  Ivan Sidelnikov, Andrey Skvortsov, Anton Sobolev
Director  Zhenya Prist
Technical director  Andrey Biriukov
Camera operator  Denis Smirnov, Maxim Smirnov
Postproduction  Alexander Belov, Dmitry Merkushev, Maxim Paramonov, Mikhail Losev
Composers  Anatoly Rubtsov, Maxim Paramonov


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