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/Stroytransgaz: gas treatment plant in Syria

Stroytransgaz: gas treatment plant in Syria

13 May 2009 year

The scale of work was immense, with distant trips to Syria, Saudi Arabia and Russia, to a variety of sites: oil and gas pipelines, nuclear power stations, thermal power plants and gas treatment plants.

Outcome Ц a telling portfolio of projects.

This movie Ц about gas treatment plant in Syria. In 2005 Stroytransgaz and Syrian Gas Company signed a contract for construction of gas treatment plant and facilities in the central region of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Download the movie: zip (mpg) (24,8 mb)

Project team:

Director Ч Ivan Sidelnikov
Cameramans Ч Sergey Emerov, Arkady Sukhonin
Editing, graphics, compositor Ч Viacheslav Murashkin, Nikolai Bashmakov, Vladimir Tarasov, Pavel Sokolov, Rostislav Kiyantsev, Alexandr Minakov
Composer Ч Dmitriy Misharin, Alexey Lukin
Voice over Ч Alexey Zaharov, Piter Dyson
Production director Ч Stanislav Onishenko
Project manager Ч Katerina Miroshnikova
General Producer Ч Andrey Skvortsov


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