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Automatic presentation generator for Rosstat

7 November 2009 year

What is the best way to make a neat presentation and reporting documents based on an extensive number of ever-changing data? It's enough to draw graphic design templates and customize the software to modify those templates automatically. That is the way our StatViz software operates.

As per order of the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), we implemented a project aimed to apply StatViz in visualization of the statistical data obtained through the All-Russia agricultural census.

Data presentation is arranged as a set of slide informers: histograms, pie and bar charts, spreadsheets and 3D interactive maps.

All the information is classified as follows:

  • Publication objectives, scope and program of the 2006 All-Russia agricultural census results;
  • Target objects of Russia-wide agricultural census results publication
  • Labor resources;
  • Land resources;
  • Sown areas of agricultural crops and perennial plantations;
  • Livestock population;
  • Distribution of capital stock between shareholders (farms);
  • Technical facilities and infrastructure in the rural community.

With the interface, it's easy to modify headings, legends, slide types, data and succession of slides. The interface is adjusted in the way to make it impossible to "spoil" a slide. All slides have an authentic layout, fonts of a uniform style (indents and sizes) and palette.

The 3D interactive map features the "flying close-up on the region" special effect. A mouse click on the area of a Russian region will trigger the "region-focused close-up" (smooth zoom) at the region selected, with bar charts emerging on the map. This enables to study all the details of statistical information regarding each Russian region. Apart from the "smooth zoom" effect, it is possible to easily move the interactive map with the mouse as though floating above various regions.

Project team:

Design - Elizaveta Oreshkina
Chief Programmer - Alexandr Gaponov
Interface Programmer - Alexandr Federyakov
3D Animators - Alexandr Minakov and Anton Nezhnyov
Mapping - "GEOECOLOGY Science Center" LLC and Olga Kondiajn
Project manager - Oleg Finoshin


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