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Interactive presentation of the Kaluga region

29 November 2009 year

An interactive, automatically updating presentation was created with the use of our Statviz technology on commission from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Kaluga Region.

The presentation shows:

  • Geographic location of Kaluga Region, density of the population;
  • Industrial structure, growth of the industry during the last years, the employment structure of the population and other indicators;
  • Data on the systems of support of the investment activity both in the Region and on the state level, the already implemented projects, development of the cluster-based policy of the region.

3D interactive maps with special "swoop down" effect have also been used in the presentation. At the click of the mouse on the territory of interest the effect of "swooping down" (the effect of gradual approach) on the selected object takes place and more detailed information situated on the map appears.

Headings, captions, slide type, data type, as well as data, and slide sequence can be changed through the interface. You can create a new slide of your own using the library of templates. The interface is set up in such a way that it is impossible to "ruin" the slide (although, if you so wish, you can import a ready image into a separate slide).

New! An html editor is built into the interface for editing the illustrative slides.

Project team:

Designer – Elizaveta Oreshkina
Programming supervisor – Aleksandr Gaponov
Interface programming – Aleksey Malygin
3D animation – Aleksandr Minakov
Cartography – "Geoecology Research Center" Ltd. аnd Olga Kondiayn
Project manager – Maria Rogozhnikova
Project director – Oleg Finoshin


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