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Debranding from the "Comstar-UTS"

20 February 2010 year

A slide presentation was prepared to accompany the report in a professional competition, "Serebryannyi Luchnik" ("Silver Archer"). The project "Comstar-UTS", named "Debranding", was presented in it.

Maria Chemezova:

"In this presentation we have formulated and expressed the essence of "debranding". In fact, the presentation itself brought it to life".

Was (the source of the Customer):

Became (version 1, ready in two days):

Became (version 2, ready in two additional hours):

Became (version 3, final full presentation ready in 8 additional hours):

Project team:

Design – Evgeniy Lubimov
Composing – Dmitriy Misharin
The structure, content, consulting – Andrey Skvortsov
Project manager, co-author – Maria Chemezova

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