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/The business-information image system of the Open Joint Stock Company "TNK-Nyagan"

The business-information image system of the Open Joint Stock Company "TNK-Nyagan"

2 March 2010 year

On request from the OJSC "TNK-Nyagan" (a member of the TNK-BP Holding), on the basis of technology StatViz, a business information presentation system was developed.

The system allows automatic visualization of the following information:

  • Oil production (by day and by month);
  • The Planned Targets Implementation (by subdivisions);
  • Infrastructure Integrity;
  • Accident Statistics.

Additional options:

  • Video player, that allows you to watch videos with Full HD quality;
  • Announcements/Greetings

In addition to the informers, all indicators have been consolidated into one slide, called a "dashboard" /"Instrumental Panel"/

  • This "dashboard" (/"Instrumental Panel"/) is an instant "snapshot" of the company that allows the control of the execution of economic and production processes. The dashboard displays intuitive indicators, such as "traffic light" (for example: the red circle indicates a problem, green – states that all is going according to plan, yellow – warning of the possibility of a problem).

(The data is test data and does not reflect reality.)

All updates to the information in the system display are done automatically, the ERP-system used in the "TNK-Nyagan", creates the data xml-file that visually reflects StatViz.

Through the control menu, an employee of the OJSC "TNK-Nyagan" is able to change the order of playback informer, to enable or disable the informer, and to change the title of the slide.

Project Manager, Oleg Finoshin:

"The project designer, Eugene Lyubimov, had approached the task of visualization with great care. We all were amazed after we had seen the end-result displayed on the huge screen with Full HD resolution.

Such three-dimensional corporate real-time graphics using a simple notebook have not been done before. The Programmers have achieved a true technological breakthrough. For all this to be working on a simple office computer – is a miracle in itself. The dashboard is very well designed: while it is seemingly simple, it is very convenient for assessing the situation and decision making – one look at the panel and everything becomes clear.

We are very thankful to the head of information systems of the OJSC "TNK-Nyagan" Aleksey Razinkov, and to the main information technology development specialists, Igor Gorbunov and Maksim Makarenko; this project would not have been possible without them".

Our team:

Design – Evgeniy Lubimov
Chief Programmer – Alexandr Gaponov
Interface Programmer – Aleksey Malygin
3D Animators – Alexandr Minakov, Rostislav Kiyantsev
Composing – Dmitriy Misharin

Production director – Stanislav Onishchenko
Project manager – Maria Rogozhnikova
Project Supervisor – Katerina Miroshnikova
Project director – Oleg Finoshin

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