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Meat: Made in Russia

6 March 2010 year

It turns out that Russia has practically no beef of its own! Almost all of the beef is imported! First-class chilled meat is flown from Australia by air to expensive restaurants in Moscow. On the other hand, the stores receive, in the best case scenario - frozen beef from Brazil, and in the worst case – buffalo meat from Pakistan.

Interesting details, filming in Finland and the Vologda region, candid interviews, all in Mercator’s new film, "Meat. Made in Russia".

Target audience: Investors.


Andrey Skvortsov (producer and the script co-writer):

"This is a topical, interesting, heartfelt film. The film contains no empty boasting in it, but it does present a challenging problem, and there is the main character (the company), that solves the problem. I am very pleased".

Comment of Andrey Maronov, the commercial director of the project:

"We wanted to get the usual presentation film, but we got some serious work about the problem of national importance, and how our company solved this problem. Our specific steps, our ideas. This is exactly what we need to show to investors. After all, by being able to understand the problem, one is able to see the opportunities".

The film has been prepared exclusively for the investors in the project, and is not yet available to the general public.

Our team

Director and script co-writer – Anna Kogan
Producer and script co-writer – Andrey Skvortsov
Designer – Nonna Lysenko
3D Animator – Rostislav Kiyantsev
Compositor, omposer – Dmitriy Misharin
Camera operators – Maksim Smirnov, Aleksey Mokeev, Aleksandr Evdokimov
Production director – Stanislav Onishchenko
Project manager – Katerina Miroshnikova

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