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Andrey Skvortsov about the weather on NTV

23 March 2010 year

Since February 2010, Andrey Skvortsov, CEO of "Mercator", once or twice a week has been doing the weather on the NTV channel.

Andrey Skvortsov:

"Doing the weather combines the two of my favorite activities: meteorology (my first education was in this field - I am a meteorologist, graduate of the meteorology department of the faculty of geography of the MSU /the Moscow State University/) and information presentation. I write my own text (report) and I myself decide on what and how to say (except for the unavoidable advertising). I work on TV once or twice a week, so that I am almost not distracted from my main job at "Mercator". This all started with Aleksandr Vadimovich Belyaev falling ill (he had a serious case of pneumonia), and for several months he disappeared from the airwaves. He had to be replaced; the "Meteo-TV" ran a small-scale contest, and the NTV channel has chosen me. Now I am working my regular days – Friday and / or Saturday. So far, I like everything very much".


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