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HR-film for VTB24

12 May 2010 year

VTB24 summed up the last strategy and announced a new customer-oriented strategy of the bank development.

The film was made without offscreen narration.

You must be an employee of the bank VTB24 in order to watch the film in full.

Olga Zhuravlyova, Deputy Director of the Department of Personnel in VTB24:

"Thank you for the professionalism! For rare, in my opinion, combination of skills to hear the need, willingness to accept feedback and at the same time be firm and not to yield on matters relating to volatile vagaries, for the sincere desire to come to the result, we can be proud.
Jointly with colleagues from Mercator we made a film about the changing strategy of the bank, which was presented to the staff by the President-chairman of the board, and now we actively use it both for learning the basic structure, and for newcomers adaptation. As for me, the indication was that a week before the official "premiere" the movie passed from hand to hand, shared with friends, they watched it not at somebody's dictation, but because it was really interesting".

Anna Kogan, director:

"I faced an interesting task to show the present and the future of the bank, to create the right mood – to summarize past strategies, to cause pride for these achievements, and inspire employees to do their job better. I wanted the bank managers to address the audience directly, without any offscreen narration, but I wanted at that their stories to remain consistent and curious. It happened due to the openness of our heroes!"

Our team:

Director, scriptwriter - Anna Kogan
Consultant - Andrey Skvortsov
Operators - Pavel Baydalov, Yegor Ryabchikov
Design and graphics – Sergey Vorontsov
Music - Dmitry Misharin
Project manager - Maria Chemezova


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