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Stroygazconsulting: field development

16 August 2010 year

In February 2010 Mercator team set out inside the Arctic circle.

Mikhail Katsal, criptwriter, filmmaker:

"When outside it is -40 and stormy, you look at the most ordinary things in absolutely other way…"

Viktoriya Mironova, Head of the Informational Policy and Mass Media Department:

«Starting this project, we tried to make the story about Stroygazconsulting not just an advertising. We didn’t want to boast and say big words. The main objective was to show labour of people, who develop fields under extreme conditions, build pipelines and compressor stations, roads and constructions in the remotest regions of Russia. Mercator team together with our group has visited many construction objects. Cameramen worked in the -30 cold, in heat, in polar nights and tropic cyclones. They just lived one day of a welder, machine operator, foreman…

The result is a strikingly emotional video.

Today the first reel is ready, and we don’t doubt that the whole project will be successful. This is not just an actual presentation, but a lively story of the company. It will stay with us for many years thanks to Mercator".

Our team:

Scriptwriter, filmmaker – Mikhail Katsal
Supervisor – Andrey Skvortsov
Design – Nonna Lysenko
2d animation, music – Dmitry Misharin
3d graphics – Rostislav Kiyantsev, Sergey Vorontsov
Cameramen – Vitaly Pronin, Maksim Dorokhov
Cut – Andrey Novikov
Production director – Stanislav Onischenko
Project head – Mariya Chemezova


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