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Yota on cooperation with Mercator

9 September 2010 year

Two years ago — in fall 2008 — we started our collaboration with the company Yota. Our collaboration on a single movie grew into a "bouquet" of movies in a unified style for the Internet and television, Internet advertising, and two medals at the New York Festivals. Even a representative of the Company "featured" in one of our hand-drawn movies!


NewYorkFestival Awards 2010

Bronze WorldMedal: Craft: Sales
Bronze WorldMedal: Craft: Sales
Silver WorldMedal: Craft: Animation
Silver WorldMedal: Craft: Animation

Awards received for the movie. «Mobile WiMAX by Yota»


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Movies for Yota
Internet 4G by Yota
Yota: Formula 1
Mobile WiMAX by Yota
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