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24 May 2011 year

Infographics were designed for the staff evaluation portal, depicting the relationships between colleagues at work, as well as indicators concerning their business interactions. In fact, it is a visualisation of a company’s social network that is based on more than 10 parameters.

The scheme is constructed automatically for each employee,

Social network for each employee
Social network for each employee

and for any group of employees

Social network for any group of employees
Social network for any group of employees

with the help of Statviz modules for PDF-format reports.

Designer Liza Oreshkina:

«This work took nearly six months. The problem was that, first, it was necessary to incorporate a large number of difficult-to-grasp indicators into the presentation, and second, to make sure that the images were readable in any configuration, since reports are generated automatically for each and every employee».

Head of BSS-AROUND.RU Alexander Larionov:

«Visualization is one of the key competitive advantages of our company. We are very grateful to Liza Oreshkina and Mercator for their excellent work».

Our production team:

Designer — Elizabeta Oreshkina
Technologist — Stanislav Onishchenko
Consultant — Andrey Skvortsov
Methodology designer — Alexander Larionov (
Manager — Julia Gurieva

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