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/ARMZ: People

ARMZ: People

9 October 2012 year

Our film crew travelled across the deserted steppe on the border with China, crossed the Buryat taiga, went to the Southern Urals and, finally, saw how uranium is mined at the edge of the Kyzylkum desert. Everywhere we met experts truly engrossed in their work. Miners boasting, like in the good old days, that this year their enterprise, for example, produced more uranium than their holding company neighbours. Or that they succeeded in building an olympic-sized swimming pool in the middle of the desert. Or they discovered new deposits. Naturally, such encounters led to a third film. This tells the stories about those people who personally extract this strategic metal which to our country can sometimes be more valuable even than gold.

Our production team:

Creator and Director — Mikhail Kacal
Producer — Elena Cherchik
Naration — Tatyana Gulyanitskaya, Vladimir Nabokov
Design — Katerina Sidorova, Svetlana Golovchanskaya
3D-Graphics — Andrey Vozniy, Rostislav Kiyantsev, Anton Nezhnyov, Vyacheslav Novikov, Dmitry Anashkin, Anastasiya Ryazanova, Eduard Davletyarov
2D-Graphics — Dmitry Misharin, Anastasiya Ryazanova
Music — Dmitry Misharin , Vladimir Sayko
Production Director — Stanislav Onishchenko
Project Manager – Evgeniya Demidova

Download movie: zip (mpg, 132 mb)


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