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Infographics for The Voice of Russia

26 August 2011 year

Infographics for radio — is that even possible? Yes, if the radio generates content on the internet. Mercator created infographic clips for " The Voice of Russia " on the topic of the day. The choice of theme, content, and visualization were all made by Mercator. Our collaboration has continued for over six months. Take a look at “The Voice of Russia”!

Our production team:

Producers — Gennady Kondratyev, Oleg Soloviev, Alexander Grigor'yants
Production Director — Mikhail Matorin
Design — Andrey Kovalevsky, Mikhail Matorin
Analysts — Helen Paliy, Olga Tikhomirova
Animators — Konstantin Biryukov, Alexey Verevkin, Yury Ternovskii, Irina Kontsovik, Petr Ditmar
Music and Sound Effects — Konstantin Ganzhela


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