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/On-Air Infographics for Channel Moskva 24

On-Air Infographics for Channel Moskva 24

18 November 2011 year

Current, interesting, and measurable (!) information about the life of the capital, and new facilities, issues, ideas, and problems, under the heading of “Moscow in Figures”, on channel “Moskva 24”. Topics appear every day and appear online at

Our production team:

Project Manager — Andrey Skvortsov
Producer — Gennady Kondratyev
Co-Producers — Oleg Soloviev, Alexander Grigor'yants
Lead Designer and Art Director — Mikhail Matorin
Editor in Chief and Senior Analyst — Arkady Popov
Analysts — Elena Paliy, Olga Tikhomirova, Evgenia Prokhorova
Animators — Yury Ternovskii, Irina Kontsovik


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